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Those hard-to-find supplies to complete my patterns.
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2" Glittered Butterfly
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#513 2" Glittered Butterfly

Dainty butterfly adorned with glitter and acrylic rhinestones.  2" tall x 2" wide.  Sold individually.

Available in white, gold, blue, pink, rose, and purple.  (Sorry, no choice)

58 in stock
Large Glittered Peppermints
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#517 Large Glittered Peppermints

Large, 1-1/2" glittered, artificial, peppermint candies.  Sold separately.

(Style may vary.  Sorry, no choice.)

36 in stock
Medium Glittered Peppermints
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#525 Medium Glittered Peppermints

3/4" glittered peppermint candies.  Sold separately.

72 in stock
Mini Glittered Peppermints
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#538 Mini Glittered Peppermints

7/16" glittered peppermint candies.  Sold in sets of 5 for $1.25.

24 in stock
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#576 Gumdrops

1/2" gumdrops.  Sold separately.

Colors may vary (sorry, no choice).

100 in stock
"BOO" Wooden Letters
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#572 "BOO" Wooden Letters

Set of wooden letters that spell "Boo".  Each letter is 1-1/2" high x 3/16" thick.

23 in stock
Animal Noses
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#571 Animal Noses

3/4" black animal noses with shank backs.  (Though the shank backs are included in your order, I rarely use them in my patterns.)

Sold in lots of 5 noses for $2.00. 

4 in stock
Snowflake Stencil
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#569 Snowflake Stencil

One 7" x 10" reusable snowflake stencil.  Snowflakes sizes vary from 2-1/4" to 5".

3 in stock
6" Broom
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#519 6" Broom

Cute witch's broom to use in your fall crafting.  6" tall x 4" wide.  Sold individually.

42 in stock
Miniature Light Set
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#507 Miniature Light Set

20-ct miniature light set. Choice of clear or multi bulbs with green wire.

Clear (35 in stock)
Multi (40 in stock)
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