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Those hard-to-find supplies to complete my patterns.
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1/2" Wooden Dowel
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#553 1/2" Wooden Dowel

4-1/2" long x 1/2" diameter oak dowel.  For use in making any of my candy cane holder patterns.  Sold individually.

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Large Candy Canes
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#558 Large Candy Canes

4-1/2" plastic candy canes. Sold individually.

20 in stock
Large Lollipops
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#555 Large Lollipops

Large, plastic, glittered lollipops.  3" tall x 1-1/2" wide.  Sold individually.
Color and style may vary.  (Sorry, no choice)
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1/2" Christmas Balls
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#546 1/2" Christmas Balls

1/2" shatterproof, tiny Christmas balls.  Sold individually.
(Color may vary -- sorry, no choice.)
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Glittered Candy Canes
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#558 Glittered Candy Canes

2" glittered candy canes.  Sold in sets of 4 for $1.00.

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4" Fancy Glitter Snowflake
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#542 4" Fancy Glitter Snowflake

4" wide white glitter snowflake.  Sold individually.

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Black Noses
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#575 Black Noses

Black noses with shank backs.  (Though the shank backs are included in your order, I rarely use them in my patterns.)

Sold in lots of 5 noses for $2.00. 

Stitched Ribbon
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#557 Stitched Ribbon

5/8" wide black ribbon with white stitching.  Great for making Santa belts!!!  Sold by the yard.

22 in stock
Silver Beads
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#566 Silver Beads

6mm silver beads.  Sold in lots of 20 beads for $1.50.
19 in stock
Ribbon Sliders
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#567 Ribbon Sliders

3/4" square, silver ribbon sliders.  Made of acrylic.  Will accommodate ribbons up to 5/8" wide.  Great for making Santa buckles!!!  Sold individually.

30 in stock
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