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Those hard-to-find supplies to complete my patterns.
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Miniature Silver Beaded Garland
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#563 Miniature Silver Beaded Garland

5" strands of miniature silver beaded garland. Sold individually.

32 in stock
Miniature Snowflake Garland
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#564 Miniature Snowflake Garland

Strands of miniature snowflake garland.  Priced per 5" length.

12 in stock
Glittered Pinecones
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#562 Glittered Pinecones

Shimmering, glittered pinecones. About 1-1/2" wide & 2" long (not including the pick). Sold individually.
Available in 6 different colors (sorry, no choice).
34 in stock
Claydough Snowmen
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#561 Claydough Snowmen

2-1/2" tall claydough snowmen.  Ornaments come with attached hanger & thread.  Flat backs make them perfect for attaching to a craft project.  Sold individually. 
Styles may vary.  (Sorry, no choice.)
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2" Rusty Snowflake
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#560 2" Rusty Snowflake

2" rusty snowflake.  Includes a hole for hanging as an ornament.  Sold individually.

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Red Berries
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#554 Red Berries

Craft pick containing 1 dozen berries.  1/2" in size.  They look good enough to eat (believe me, my dog has tried).
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2" Wooden Ball
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#549 2" Wooden Ball

2" wooden balls.  Sold individually.

78 in stock
Mini Christmas Balls
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#546 Mini Christmas Balls

1" shatterproof miniature Christmas balls.  Sold individually.
(Color & style may vary -- sorry, no choice.)
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Sisal Tree
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#547 Sisal Tree

4-1/2" frosted sisal tree.  Sold individually.

4 in stock
Small Jingle Bells
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#541 Small Jingle Bells

3/8" gold jingle bells.  Sold individually.
421 in stock
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