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Those hard-to-find supplies to complete my patterns.
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Wooden Circles
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#523 Wooden Circles

3" wide wooden circles for use in making #428 - Snowman Wreath Pattern.  (You will need one circle for each snowman made.)  Sold individually.
26 in stock
Small Rhinestone Hearts
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#520 Small Rhinestone Hearts

9mm multi-colored acrylic rhinestone hearts.  Sold individually.  (Sorry, no color choice.)

243 in stock
6" Glitter Snowflake
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#518 6" Glitter Snowflake

6" wide white glitter, acrylic snowflake with hanger attached.  Sold individually.

24 in stock
Large Wooden Plugs
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#515 Large Wooden Plugs

Large 1" diameter wooden plugs. Sold individually.
45 in stock
Country Candle Lamp
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#512 Country Candle Lamp

2-1/2" country candle lamp.  For use in making pattern #407 - Mr. Snow Candle.  Sold individually.

17 in stock
Pip Berries
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#510 Pip Berries

Red pip berries.  Sold in sets of 10 as pictured (20 pip berries total).

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Acrylic Rhinestone Hearts
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#508 Acrylic Rhinestone Hearts

12mm red acrylic rhinestone hearts.  Sold individually.

14 in stock
Black Eye Beads
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#502 Black Eye Beads

Black eye beads for use in many of my snowman patterns.  Sold in lots of 20 beads for $2.00.
Please double-check the bead size before ordering, to be sure you get the correct ones! 
(My pattern descriptions include the size of beads needed.)
4mm (12 in stock)
5mm (12 in stock)
6mm (12 in stock)
8mm (9 in stock)
Snowflake Buttons
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#501 Snowflake Buttons

White 5/8" snowflake buttons with shanks. 
Snowflake patterns will vary (sorry, no choice).  Sold in lots of 5 buttons for $2.00.
10 in stock
Wooden Dog Bones
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#503 Wooden Dog Bones

2-1/2" x 3-5/8" wooden dog bone cutouts.  Sold individually. 

45 in stock
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