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Welcome to Adeline's!
If you are looking for original craft patterns, you have come to the right place! 
Adeline's offers a wide variety of 100% homemade craft patterns along with some of the hard-to-find craft supplies to make them:  Santas, penguins, bunnies, Christmas ornaments, a HUGE variety of snowmen, & much, much more.
Over 100 craft patterns to choose from!!!
In this cookie-cutter society, it is refreshing to receive a homemade craft that didn't come off of an assembly line.  Homemade gifts are still the best!
Patterns are available in both e-patterns & paper patterns.  Don't worry . . . I have no plans to discontinue paper patterns.  I still think there's nothing better than the anticipation of waiting for a pattern to arrive, eagerly checking the mailbox each day, pulling it out of the mailbox, studying the envelope, & ripping it open to hold the actual product in your hands.  (You just can't beat that!) 
The best part is all craft patterns have FREE SHIPPING!!!  (Please see my "Questions" button for shipping costs on craft supplies & satin balls.  These costs will be billed to you separately via PayPal.)
FREE SHIPPING on all craft patterns!!!
I hope you enjoy shopping here and check back often.  New craft patterns are continually being added to my inventory.
If you wish to receive e-mail updates as new craft patterns are added to my site, just let me know & I will add your e-mail address to my list.  (Anyone who orders a pattern is automatically added to this list.)  Just click on the "Questions" button to find my e-mail address.
Satin balls are available in several colors . . .
Satin balls have become such a popular craft supply, that I decided to give them their very own category, for easier shopping.  If you are looking for a color that isn't available, I may be able to order it for you.
Crafting is my relaxation.
I have been crafting for as long as I can remember.  What started out as a lifetime hobby soon mushroomed into a business, thanks to the encouragement of my wonderful husband. 
There have been many changes along the way:  from doing craft shows on the weekends to starting this website; from producing completed crafts to designing my own patterns; from mailing paper copies to expanding into e-patterns.  It is challenging, ever-changing, frustrating at times . . . but I love every minute of it!
I have so many wonderful customers to thank & some of them have become good long-distance friends of mine. 
Customers often tell me that my craft patterns are so cute, it makes them smile.  Hearing that made me realize what a blessing my crafts have become -- for myself & others.  There is so much pain & suffering in the world, that if I can make just one person smile, I have done my job.

Adeline's was named after my maternal grandmother, Irma Adeline, whom I miss dearly & know would have been tickled pink to have seen my little business grow.

As always, everything is 100% homemade at my kitchen table!

May God richly bless you . . .
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Snowman Tree-on-Top Pattern-snowman pattern, snowman, Christmas tree craft pattern, snowman with tree, Christmas tree
Snowman Tree-on-Top Pattern

Angel Christmas Ball Ornament Pattern-angel pattern, craft pattern, angel, angel ornament, ornament pattern, angel ornament pattern
Angel Christmas Ball Ornament Pattern

Soldier Candy Cane Holder Pattern-soldier, soldier pattern, soldier craft pattern, craft pattern, candy cane holder pattern
Soldier Candy Cane Holder Pattern

Penguin Candy Cane Holder Pattern-penguin, penguin pattern, candy cane holder, penguin candy cane holder, candy cane holder pattern
Penguin Candy Cane Holder Pattern

Rabbit Wine Hugger Pattern-craft pattern, rabbit pattern, rabbit, bunny pattern, wine hugger, wine hugger pattern
Rabbit Wine Hugger Pattern